Whats the hype about?

One afternoon I was staring into space and started wondering how bullet proof glass works. I learned that it gets its strength from layers of polycarbonate laminated to the glass. Polycarbonate is a plastic that has an incredibly ability to deform and return to its original shape, making it basically impossible to shatter.

Imagine you dropped a rubber ball and a glass marble on a concrete floor. The glass marble is stronger but will break while the bouncy ball will flex and survive the impact. In a surfboard combining the flexibility of the polycarbonate with the strength of fiberglass means you get something that's lighter and stronger than anything else out there. 

Its taken me over a year to get this construction dialed but finally its ready to be shared with you. There's been some experiments with polycarbonate in surfboards before but this is first design I know of that really works well.